Lost: one of Cinderella’s shoes

My daughters have split personalities right now.  They spend their days dressing and playing the part of either Nurse Nancy (from the Little Golden Book) and Nurse Carol (from Curious George Goes to the Hospital) or Cinderella and The Ugly Step-Sister.

And last night, apparently they were switching personalities so quickly that one of Cinderella’s shoes turned into a pumpkin…or something. 

Knowing the importance of being able to quickly lose a shoe while playing Cinderella, Ruth tucks in her shoe straps and never buckles them.  Shoes are lost all over the house and the yard in such a way that I sometimes question whether they are lost or kicked. 

Little sister, of course, wants to be like big sister.  So sometimes The Ugly Step-Sister (whom I think is as cute as Cinderella!) not only borrows Cinderella’s shoes but loses them as well.

And last night, The Ugly Step-Sister borrowed Cinderella’s brand new (well, new from the consignment store) tennis shoes to wear outside.  But she stepped out of one of them somewhere.  Leaving that little brown tennis shoe nowhere to be found. 

Like I said, it must have turned into a pumpkin.  But there aren’t even any pumpkins sitting in our field.  I know I’d be able to see them!

So if you happen to see a missing shoe, please call the Castle.  Cinderella will likely be there explaining to the Handsome Prince (played alternately by Daddy and Daniel) what happened to her glass slipper and how it turned into a brown tennis shoe that The Ugly Step-Sister lost.

And oh yes, if you haven’t guessed it, my identity is The Mean Step-Mother.  Ahem.

After having to respond to the title of Step-Mother for the umpteenth time the other day, I begged pretty please could I just be the “mommy”? 

I was informed in no uncertain terms: “But I need a step-mother!”

Alas.  I give up.  It’s back to looking for that shoe.

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  1. Newsflash from the Castle that is otherwise known as The Little Pink House: Cinderella’s lost slipper has been found! Uncle Mason, mowing in the tractor, apparently had a better vantage point than the Handsome Prince and the Mean Step-Mother (believe me, they’d walked that same area dozens of times in search of the shoe!), and found the lost glass slipper yesterday…before he mowed it!

  2. ROTFLOL!!! Love it Gretchen! Thanks for posting that. It certainly made my day. Yes, I will call the Castle if I happen to find the missing glass slipper. Actually, I may have to contact the Castle via this blog:-D Happy Hunting for the lost shoe.
    In Christ,

  3. This made me laugh…I can’t wait until my littles are old enough to play pretend and talk about it. Cedar is already pretending things with his stuffed animals, etc., but one word sentences don’t really cut it. 馃檪

  4. They’re growing up so fast! I can’t believe they can even say those words, much less make up those games. I remember those days with my sisters. 馃檪

    And Daniel will be in a leading role in no time, I’m sure!