Mail on Tuesday

My man and I have the postal delivery times down to a science. If I mail a letter today, he will get it day after tomorrow. If I mail a letter on a Friday, he will get it Monday. If I mail a letter before the noon pickup on Saturday, it will arrive at his mailbox on Monday. But if it doesn’t get mailed until Saturday afternoon, then he won’t get it until Wednesday. There is no way either of us can get mail from the other on Tuesday, the only exception being when Monday is a holiday.

Until today.

I got a Hallmark card in the mail today! From my man!

I ran inside and asked my Mom, “Today is Tuesday, right?” Either it’s late because of the holiday rush, or it’s early because of extra runs by mail trucks. I don’t know when he mailed it on Saturday. I just know I’m thrilled to get a card today!

My brother told me I shouldn’t mail anything to my man yesterday, as the U.S. Postal Service expected it to be their busiest day of the year, processing something like 900 million pieces of mail (compared to the average 670 million pieces a day). Of course, I didn’t heed my brother’s advice–I added to those 900 million letters. I paid my 37 cents for those Love Stamps and I’m going to use them (even if the volume of letters we write has been responsible for the postage increase coming our way). Especially since I’ve been having such fun sending him a letter each day of the twelve days of Christmas. The only problem is that I’m getting spoiled to be able to write him so much, and he’s getting rather used to finding a letter in his mailbox each day.

Just like I’m enjoying the completely unexpected surprise of a sweet card from my man…on a Tuesday!

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