Motherhood should come with…

IMG_0773Motherhood should come with an hourglass.  Today was the day I thought I was due with my third little one.  But as of last night, he is already three weeks old.  Where did the time go?  How can he already be so big—even developing a double chin—when he hadn’t yet figured out how to nurse three weeks ago?

Motherhood does come with an hourglass.  But though sometimes we can see how quickly the sand is sifting through it, we don’t know how much sand is left.  That’s what makes it so precious.  Yet too often, that’s also what makes us take it for granted.

I don’t know how long I will have any of my three little ones to hold.  I have no guarantees that I’ll see next Mother’s Day, let alone this one.

Sometimes, that knowledge leaves me fearful, holding my children tight in my own grasp.  Sometimes, that knowledge makes me more patient, as I tenderly hug my children tight.

Motherhood does come with an hourglass.  But only my Father in Heaven knows what that hourglass looks like.

Today, I just want to remember that the hourglass is there.  I don’t want to live in fear; but I don’t want any regrets.

I want to cherish every moment.  Because motherhood does come with an hour glass.  And it’s sifting…

This post was written for Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday—in two times five minutes, because I am (happily) sleep-deprived.  And besides, I’ve missed a few weeks of Five Minute Fridays, so why not take ten today? Winking smile

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  1. There is a reason we don’t get an hourglass: we would worry all the time how life should go on for our dear ones if we should be gone. I am very much aware of the passing time, and sometimes I am fearful, but I try to savor each minute with a loved one. Life is so rich in pleasures! We shouldn’t worry too much about the future.
    Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. And the photo of the four of you is just lovely. I am happy with you and Merritt!
    Have a relaxing and joyful Mother’s Day! Love, Martina

  2. “Motherhood does come with an hourglass. But only my Father in Heaven knows what that hourglass looks like.” Thanks for your post, and congratulations on your third little one! And Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Pretty much exactly what I’ve been thinking lately too…thank you so much for sharing…

    Happy Three Weeks to Daniel…and YAY for double chins! 馃檪

  4. I so love this! One of my prayers has been a request that I can teach my children to grow old loving our Father and His son! I used to fear – but I learned that if I’m afraid, I’m not trusting God. I remember that fear – it was an urgent fear! When I feel that way, I just spend time with my Father! And I pray my heart’s desire – trust that He is controlling that hour glass:)

    Congratulations on such a beautiful new baby and family!

  5. So true that we don’t know how long these children of ours are meant to be with us. I am so glad that we have a Heavenly Father that we can lean on who can carry the burden of worry and fear when it creeps in, who can wrap us up in His peace and comfort, and who reminds us that He is in control. Great post:)

  6. Oh yes!! So very true: the hourglass’s sands are sifting, but only God knows how much is left. I too can become fearful at that thought, but I strive to choose the patience and the moments that I do have. These moments are far too few.

  7. I loved this so! how sweet and eloquent and very beautiful picture described of the tension of time that is fleeting yet not to live in fear but love…

    so beautiful and 5 minutes! wow! thank you for this mama gift! happy mother’s day and every day to you!!! abby:)