my problems

It was one of those mornings.  Other people’s to-do lists crowding out my own, yesterday’s laundry begging to be washed, and constant phone calls on a dying cell phone.

I was feeling sorry for myself, running high on caffeine and low on patience.

Then someone fell and there was blood and a quick trip to the doctor’s office.

Another phone call (after removing the battery for the umpteenth time today) and a friend is back in the hospital.

And I remembered how quickly it all can change.

Suddenly, it was things like reduced doctor bills and free coffee with a full punch card that were making me pause to give thanks.

Because I opened my eyes and looked around and realized my problems weren’t so big after all.

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  1. How important to get ones problems into proportion. Though sometimes humiliating, always useful. Hope the faller was okay, and that your friend will leave the hospital soon.
    I totally enjoy your writing!