Nancy & Elisabeth

I have to admit: I didn’t like Nancy Leigh DeMoss when she first started Revive Our Hearts.  I had my “reasons”, but the truth was that she just was not Elisabeth Elliot.  No one could replace my beloved “E.E.”, and Revive Our Hearts was most definitely not Gateway to Joy.

My husband would come home and mention how good Revive Our Hearts was that day.  I just smiled guiltily as he laughed at me.  He knew that no matter how much good I had to say, I couldn’t listen to Nancy because she was not Elisabeth.

It took me hearing this lady speaker on another radio program and really liking what she had to say—only to find out at the end that she was Nancy Leigh DeMoss herself!—to actually realize she might be worth listening to once in a while.  And she really is.  Even if her messages on quietness and rest make me laugh sometimes when I have two children screaming in the background.

But Nancy’s message at Moody Founder’s Week really hit the nail on the head.  Enough to make me forget all my bitter notions about her not being Elisabeth Elliot.  And, ironically, it was about taking time for that very quietness: a quiet time with the Lord.  It was like my friend Lanier’s article “Devoted to Devotions” put into message form.  Very convicting.

And, as always, Nancy Leigh DeMoss can be found on the radio, usually during nap times.  And maybe, after twenty more years of listening, Revive Our Hearts will be almost as dear in my mind as Gateway to Joy: after all, both programs are based upon that everlasting love.

Did you listen to Gateway to Joy back in the day?  Have you caught Revive Our Hearts since then?  How about Founder’s Week?  Is it an annual tradition for you, via radio or internet or perhaps in person?  What was your favorite Founder’s Week message this year?

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  1. Ah yes, I felt the same way. Nancy isn’t E.E. but she is someone who has wisdom; come to find out 馃檪
    I read “Choosing Forgiveness” some years ago and was surprised at what i learned from that little book.
    I recently went through “Holiness” by NLD and was surprised yet again. That little blue book thoroughly convicted me through and through. I cried, I smiled, and knew it was God-send.

  2. I wasn’t thrilled, either, with NLD, for the same reasons–it wasn’t HER, per se, but the fact that she wasn’t EE. I have a feeling she was aware that would happen. ; )

    We don’t get Moody radio here, so I only hear about it from you!

  3. Oh, I, too, love EE and had an initial hair-raising reaction to Revive Our Hearts because Nancy Lee DeMoss is a woman and it sounded like preaching! I still don’t listen to the radio often, but a careful study of her book Lies Women Believe caught me right in the middle of a trial a couple of years ago and helped me to see that God truly IS good, all the time. She’s one of my favorite authors because of it, and I just received Choosing Forgiveness as a gift!