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hugging my brother goodbye, May 2006 - photo by John FeldschauWeddings make me cry.

So do goodbyes.

But goodbyes at weddings?

They really make me cry.

I made it through my own wedding day with a big smile and dry eyes.

Except for that moment my childhood and forever friend, my guestbook attendant, came up to hug me right before the ceremony started.

And when my little sister came out into the fellowship hall and I saw her red eyes, the first evidence I’d seen of the tears she’d shed our entire ceremony.

But when it came time for the goodbyes and my big strong brother broke down as he hugged me?

Then I really lost it.

Merritt and I telling my brother goodbye, May 2006 - photo by John Feldschau

The antics of four little flower girls kept me from getting too emotional at my sister-in-law’s wedding last Saturday.

hugging Marlys goodbye, photo by my mom SaraBut when the just-one-more hugs and too-long goodbyes came around?

That’s when the tears spilled over a bit.

Just a bit, because Marlys and I have always been able to make each other laugh even while we’re crying.

Usually by saying something like, “Don’t make me cry!”

But we cried all the same as we hugged goodbye.

And then our oldest niece, the picture of her Auntie Mouse, was crying as she hugged her again and again, regardless of the fact that Auntie Mouse would actually be living closer to her as miles go.

Marlys hugging Mason goodbye, photo by my mom SaraAnd I cried again as I watched the bride hug her soldier brother and not want to let go.

I kept one eye on dancing flower girls waving roses and blowing bubbles, the other on my husband hugging his own little baby sister, and the emotions welled once more.

And we laughed and we cried and we waved goodbye.

saying goodbye, photo by my mom Sara

Five-Minute-Friday that took Ten Minutes: Good-Bye

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  1. I have to admit…I was totally ok my entire wedding day, until we left the reception, then my dad started crying and that finished me off.

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. . . .annnnd now I’m crying. I agree with the above comment about weddings and sons! OY! And, I can relate to goodbyes at weddings. Such happy-sad-happy tears.

  3. Weddings and births make me cry! Even more so now that I am married and have a son. You can never come close to “knowing” those things until you experience them yourself. I wouldn’t look at my husband as I walked down the isle. I knew I would lose it if I did. LOL It was a great day, but more importantly it was a beginning to a great life and many memories.