I’m faced with the opportunity so many times a day.  And too often, I ignore it.  The moment slips through my fingers due to my own impatience.

It’s not a book deal or a speaking engagement.  No, it’s bigger than that.

But I brush it aside and think I’ll tend to it later.  I pretend that the words I’m writing or the dishes I’m washing or the clothes I’m folding are more urgent than this opportunity.

But what good am I as a writer if I don’t live the words I write?

How could dishes ever be more important than this?

"Raising Generations" necklace by The Vintage PearlI could focus on all the missed opportunities and feel like even more of a failure. Or I can put on a smile and really listen to the little ones prattling around me.  I could slow down long enough to be purposeful in my training.

I could remember that I’m raising generations.  And that’s a bigger opportunity than any blog post or job proposal.

Oh, and the dishes?  I’m still trying to remember that they’re an important part of it, too.  Because each day I have a hundred little opportunities “to do everything to the glory of the one Who made me…”

Five-Minute Friday: opportunity

“Raising Generations” necklace by The Vintage Pearl courtesy of September McCarthy’s recent giveaway!

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  1. Great post!

    It is so easy to just put them aside, for a few minutes, and then they’re gone…grown up and on their own.

    Love that song!

  2. Love your post. Exactly how I feel as a mama with responsibilities and desiring to write. It helps so much to know my priority is serving my family, trusting God with what may seem to be missed opportunities.Thank you for sharing!