Pembrick’s Creaturepedia: a classification

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“The graceful green volume, while indibnibly eruditious in content and pulchritudinous in form…”

A Letter from Ollister B. Pembrick in Wingfeather Tales
Pembrick's Creaturepedia: Skreean Edition

Pembrick’s Creaturepedia: Skreean Edition

Classification: book/volume/tome/manuscript of stunning sketchery

Description: Pembrick’s Creaturepedia is found on bookshelves all over Skree. But the original resides on the desk of Andrew Peterson, esquire. It is filled with exceedingly exquisite examples of a half-gobbled artist’s sketchery. Jam-packed with drawings of such creatures as Tail-handed Thwaps, Toothy Cows, Trolls, Ridgerunners, Dagger Fish, and Gunkees, this tome is exceptionally delightful! Ollister B. Pembrick’s Creaturepedia is ridiculously wonderful. In the words of Mary Kate, “Read it.” 

Weakness: exceedingly voracious readers. (Pulchritudinous!)

Taste: this tome is not appetizing and how dare the reader think otherwise! 

DEmeanor: quiet and reclusive; keeps company with tomes of bestiary and sketchery.  

“Count yourself fortunate to have happened upon this volume.”

Pembrick’s Creaturepedia

Encylopedia-lovers and dictionary-readers will be thrilled, delighted, overjoyed, and ecstatic over this eruditious, incredible, and beautifully illustrated tome.

Perfect for fans of The Wingfeather Saga, this delightful volume is a jaunt through Aerwiar. From Trolls in the Jungles of Plonst to the Ridgerunners in the Killridge Mountains, each unique character is covered in this extensive tome. Pembrick’s Creaturepedia is EPIC.  

Creaturepedia fan art by my sisters: Sara Elizabeth, age 6, and Mary Kate, age 12

“First, the entries in this book are arranged in alphabetical order, rather than in the order of evil or appetite-for-human. Do not, therefore, assume that just because the bumpy digtoad appears early in the book that it is necessarily less wicked than the squeeblin, which comes later. (Although, in this case, the digtoad happens to be much less evil than a squeeblin.)”

“Ollister B. Pembrick” in the introduction to Creaturepedia

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