“Stay where you can hear His voice.”

It’s the lesson from Allume that keeps reverberating in my head.  When I want rules, when I want guidelines, Ann Voskamp’s words echo back.

She told the story in parable form, as she does so well.  Their daughter asked how far she could go away from the church yard before it was “too far.”  She was looking for landmarks, guidelines.  The fence?  The trees?

The Farmer answered: “When you can’t hear my voice calling your name any more, you’ve gone too far.”

So simple, yet so profound. 

It’s not that so many minutes doing one thing is okay and a minute more is too much.  It’s not that things must always be done in a certain order or with a certain priority to make them right.

I need only to stay where I can hear His voice.  And it’s both the easiest and the hardest spot to find and to stay.

{Five-Minute Friday: stay}

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  1. ” need only to stay where I can hear His voice” This really speaks to me. It is so easy to wander into places in the corners of ones mind that seem so dark and bleak that you feel you may never hear His voice again, yet somehow, through His almighty power, we always return to Him and to the place where we not only hear His voice but we strive to live by His Words!