thank you

They filled the airports that weekend, as I travelled home.

I wondered about their stories as I saw them.  How much have they given up to serve our country?  What all have their families gone through to support them?

I wanted to go up to each one and say “thank you.” But I’d have missed every flight.

There was the man in line at the sub shop with the t-shirt that said, “Don’t worry America…” on the front.

When he turned around I saw the depiction of a soldier, gun in hand, and the words, “my nephew’s got your back.”

There was the one walking toward me in full uniform, on crutches. I tried to smile my thanks as I walked on in search of my lost cell phone.

I hope he knew my smile was one of respect and gratitude, not of pity.

I came home and tried to put my thank you into words for Veteran’s Day.  But each attempt seemed so inadequate. 

I cried through the Facebook posts from the wife of one veteran.  And I wanted to stand up and applaud after reading another friend’s tribute to military wives.

Thank you.  The words seem so small.  But they carry a heart full of meaning when addressed to the men and women who fight for my freedom. 

Thank you.

(for the Five-Minute Friday prompt “thank you”, written in much more time than 5 minutes)

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  1. Gretchen, this is so lovely. I’d join in with that standing ovation for that tribute and, well, military wives have taken on a whole new meaning for me as my Grandma has become a military widow and I’ve watched a friend step into the role of Navy wife.

    Beautiful post.

  2. Thanks Gretchen. As a wife of a former Marine, I’ve seen the struggle of many military personnel and their families firsthand. I take so much for granted in this country, thanks for the reminder to sit back and remember those who sacrifice so much.