I stretch my arms wide. I want to do it all. But then everything’s shallow.

It is easier to go wide than it is to go deep.

I say yes to too many things thinking, “I can do it.”

But then I’m spread so thin I can’t do anything well.

Less is more.

I’d rather do a few things well than do everything poorly.

Lord, help me to zero in my focus on You every single day.  Help me to dig in deep to what You’ve given me here and now, and trust Your broad shoulders cover the rest.

{Five-Minute Friday: “wide”}

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  1. So well stated! You are so right, when we go too wide in our commitments everything and everyone suffers. Thank you for such a simple reminder.

    {Found you through FMF at Lisa-Jo’s}

  2. What a good reminder…it’s so easy for me to over-commit myself and end up doing nothing well because I can’t focus. Thanks so much for sharing! Blessings…have a great weekend! 馃檪