Pain Redeemed

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“There are hundreds of ways that heartache can rip through our lives. The kind of pain doesn’t change the truth. God is the same no matter what type of agony we face.”

-Natasha Metzler in Pain Redeemed

Natasha’s story is one of infertility.

Maybe yours is of a broken relationship.

Or of a sick child.

I don’t know your story, but He does

And as Natasha writes:

“In the middle of pain the most healing thing to hear is that God knows.”

Pain Redeemed: when our deepest sorrows meet God is the heartbreakingly real story of Natasha’s struggle with infertility and depression.  She shares very honest pages from her journal.  She’s very open about her jealousy, her battles, her anger.

But all in a way that points straight to the God Who redeems her pain, day by day.

I’ve never had to face the infertility that Natasha has.  But Pain Redeemed is about so much more than infertility and depression.  Natasha tells the stories of friends she has journeyed alongside, through other forms of pain and heartache.  And she shares very personal stories of her relationship with her Redeemer.  In a way that makes you ache for more of Him.

Natasha pens powerful parables, through poetry and prose. And she puts her finger on the crux of the matter—not the infertility, not the form of the pain, but overcoming the pain by bringing glory to Him through it all.

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  1. Wow, now I really want to read it! I’ve come out on the other side of some very deep pain and heartache… knowing God more is my life-goal. Glory to God for all He has done in my life and the healing He has brought.