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Why Read Aloud?

Why Read Aloud?

I had always assumed that a good reader would naturally make a good writer. Not necessarily, according to Andrew Pudewa of the Institute for Excellence in Writing. Andrew Pudewa believes that the fundamental requisite for being an excellent communicator is listening to quality literature being read aloud. Why Reading Aloud Makes Good Writers What do we do when…

Going to Sleep on the Farm

“How does a cow go to sleep — tell me how? How does a cow go to sleep?”

By the time it’s pages are half through, Mary’s eyes are drooping. It seems that the effect of saying “go to sleep” over enough times induces actual sleep on the part of a tired toddler—not to mention the yawns that Daddy is doing his best to suppress as he reads!

Going to Sleep on the Farm is one of our 18-month-old daughter Mary Kate’s favorite books…


I need something to grab on to, something to steady me.

A goal to focus on, a plan to live by.

I want just the right parenting philosophy that will help me have perfect children.

I need the right schedule to help me organize my day and make me productive.

I long for perfect fellowship with like-minded families living nearby.

I look around so desperately for something to cling to.

But I already know the truth.

Autumn Leaves

“Summer’s loss seems little, dear, on days like these.” -Ernest Dowson “It snowed on the hills around us last night.”  The phrase from one of the letters Merritt wrote me during our years of friendship always comes to mind this time of year.  As in his letter (a particular favorite, which I carried around in…

Mommy Dayze

Whether it was walking around at the county fair Saturday night, the extra dark Lindt chocolate (85% cocoa) my husband bought me after the fair, or all the red raspberry leaf and pregnancy tea I’d been drinking the past six months, we got to hold our second daughter almost two weeks before her due date….

The End.

The End.