The Washing Machine

I knew it was coming. After seven years of marriage, it was bound to happen. It was only a question of which one would go first. But when I heard the strange banging, I knew. I grabbed my cell phone and pressed speed dial 2, turning it on speaker phone while it was still ringing. "Can you hear that noise?" I asked my husband when he answered. "I don't think my washing machine is supposed to sound like that." I was washing a heavy load of jeans and hoped it was just a random occurrence. But when my husband checked the washing machine at lunch, the drum was just sort of floating in ... Read More


my great uncle

I love hanging laundry up on a line to dry. For the extra time it might take, standing out there in the open air, feeling the breeze on your face and hearing the birds sing is definitely worth it in my book! Besides, can anything beat the fresh smell of line-dried laundry? -Chantel Brankshire in “Eight Simple Ways to Live Green” on Mrs. Hood always teased me because Laddie had gone racing after her when I was born. She was in the middle of Monday’s washing, and the bluing settled in the rinse water and stained her white clothes in streaks it took months to bleach out. ... Read More

washing my day

cloudy clothes in the sunshine

With a basket of freshness sitting beside the window box, wooden clothespin tucked between my teeth, this is communing time. These are clothesline prayers. Stringing the laundry out to dry in the sun, I slip my prayers like beads onto the line. To be warmed in the light of the Son. -Ann Voskamp in “Clothes Line Prayers” on How do I find the time to hang out all that laundry? I make the time, out of sheer necessity. And not just the necessity of getting the clothes dry… Hanging out the laundry, taking it down, folding the clothes big and small—it’s a few moments of ... Read More

hanging up the washing

Natasha quilt

The young woman had apparently been in the middle of a washing day, for she wore an apron, her sleeves were rolled up to the elbows and there were soapsuds on her hands. If she had had time to put on her good clothes (her best hat had imitation cherries on it) she would have looked dreadful; as it was, she looked rather nice. -C.S. Lewis, The Magician’s Nephew …he saw a lithe young figure flash out of the kitchen door carrying a clothesbasket. She put it down on the stone pavement by the pump and stooping, took out a roll of cloth and shook it out till it filmed into a curtain, ... Read More

laundry around the globe

belize laundry

I asked a few friends from around the globe to give us a glimpse of what laundry looks like in their corner of the world… Washboard in Belize “This is one of my favorite pictures from our travels. We were visiting our godchildren in Belize, and Phoebe wanted to help with the laundry. Prior to this, she didn't know a washboard had any other use besides Bluegrass music!” photo and story from Ginger Truitt Soaking in Mozambique “You know you are in Mozambique when…you do laundry in the morning because the city water is only on in the mornings and because your ‘dryer’ is the sun,” ... Read More

a case of clean laundry ocd

a cast of clean laundry OCD by @cbrankshire

a guest post by Chantel Brankshire I have this thing for laundry. I've been doing laundry as my "main thing" since I was a girl at home. Sometimes I enjoy it more, and sometimes less. But it is always one of those things that feels homemakerishly good at the end of the day. I enjoy making homemade laundry soap. I don't mind picking up dirty socks from the floor or taking sheets off the bed. Pulling a load of freshly washed whites out of the washing machine destined for the clothesline on a sunny afternoon makes me feel happy. Stacking neatly folded towels in the cupboard feels neat and ... Read More

mommy’s helpers


Next day Laura helped to wash all the quilts and blankets. She was glad to lug the loaded basket out to the clothesline in the sweet, chilly March weather. -Laura Ingalls Wilder in By the Shores of Silver Lake Then the carpets were hung on clotheslines outdoors, and he had to beat them with a long stick. When he was little he had run under the carpets, playing they were tents.  But now he was nine years old, he had to beat those carpets without stopping, till no more dust would come out of them. -Laura Ingalls Wilder in Farmer Boy It may be true that “many hands make light work” but ... Read More

DIY Clothespin Bag

DIY clothespin bag

My last clothespin bag fell apart along with my clothesline a couple years ago so when I bought a new clothesline through Amazon earlier this year, I was in desperate need of something to put my clothespins in. The only problem was, I kept forgetting to look for a new bag whenever I went to town. My clothespin "bag" has been a gallon size ziploc bag for the last couple months and that is about ready to fall apart too. I finally came to the conclusion several weeks ago that I should just make my own clothespin bag. I have so many scraps of material that would work, I really had no need to buy ... Read More