Worth the Fight

Worth the Fight (a review of @KaysePratt's eBook by @GretLouise)

Kayse Pratt has a talent for distilling a lot of information into a short and easy to read eBook. Her eBook Undivided Mom was a refreshing breath of fresh air, and now she's done it again with Worth the Fight. In Kayse's inimitable easy going style, she shares honestly about her own "high maintenance" marriage as she encourages others in theirs. In Worth the Fight: Lessons Learned in a High Maintenance Marriage, Kayse discusses five essential elements to every marriage: Commitment, Communication, Service, Laughter, and Sex. The explanation of "reflective listening" alone is more than worth ... Read More

the new and the ordinary

Her ring sparkled as they walked in. He was tall, with a bearing and a haircut that spoke of service to our country. But they were decked out in the official "country" garb around here: Carhartt jeans and Cabelas hoodies. Everything about them was new, even to the relationship, it seemed. "Do you like Honeycrisp apples?" she was asking him, as they discussed food likes and dislikes in a way that betrayed the few autumns they'd been together. I looked away discreetly as they kissed in the middle of our store. And I smiled. It seems like only yesterday, the delight of discovering all the ... Read More


We fell in love to the rhythm of Country music. The cassettes and CDs we mixed for each other became the soundtrack for those years. The songs we listened to reflecting the ups and downs, the excitement and the tears. "Don't Take the Girl" was the first Country song he played me, the summer of 2001. It went on the cassette tape he made for me that began with "Good Morning Beautiful".  I played it every morning. While I was at Summit in the summer of 2002 that penpal of mine sent me a list of songs he wanted me to try to find and download to make a CD (he didn't have the internet). He ... Read More

Of Vick’s and Valentine’s

We bought it on our honeymoon.  The receipt is still in the back of our photo album, along with the rest of our maps and brochures and receipts chronicling that week.  (And we think gas is expensive now!) We found it at the Mammoth Hot Springs General Store.  Little did we know my sister-in-law would be working in that very same store four years later. And little did we imagine that little jar of Vick's vapor rub would last us almost seven years. We threw it away last week, after we'd scraped and rubbed the last of its contents out. The expiration date was the same year as our wedding, ... Read More

down the aisle

July 13, 2002

Dearest, Ten years ago today, we walked down the aisle together for the first time.  I’ll never forget the way you looked at me, standing there across the stage at your sister’s wedding.  Thick as the emotions were, there was no way I could help that big smile from flooding my face as we walked out together. Later your quiet, soft-spoken grandpa grabbed our arms, put them together and said, “We think you two make a really cute couple.”  At our mild protests, he just thought a minute and said, “Well, we’ll see.” Tonight, we’re babysitting while your sister and her husband go out for ... Read More


Dearest, We always said we’d learn to dance when we got married. But first there was a broken leg to prevent it, then there was always a baby belly or a baby in the way.  We keep saying we’ll take dancing lessons when they’re older, laughing that by the time we get around to it we’ll probably be too old and decrepit to dance. In the meantime, we side-step around each other at the sink as we wash and dry the dishes together. Then we stop for a kiss in the middle of the kitchen and find ourselves swaying to the music. Six years and no dancing lessons. But we’re learning the give and ... Read More

a man like my daddy…

"Who gives this woman..." photo by John Feldschau

Dear Daddy, I never thought I’d marry a man like my daddy.  We were too much alike, you and me. Clashing more often because of our similarities than because of anything other than just me being an emotional teenage girl. But every year that passes, I see more and more resemblance between you and the boy you once told to stay away until you ran out of shotgun shells. You’re both generous and self-sacrificing.  You’re both so patient with the women you love. You’ve picked each other’s brain about projects so very often that you know the other will take your side in any discussion ... Read More

married to a writer

Dearest, Did you know what you were getting into, my love, when you married a writer? Did you know it would mean oft coming home to dishes only half finished because inspiration struck in the midst of the soap suds? Did you know how often I’d nearly burn your dinner—or forget to get it started altogether—because I’d be deep in the midst of a project that involved words and websites? Did you know that you were marrying a girl whose ideas of a fun evening are reading a book, listening to a book, or writing something (presumably) shorter than a book? Did you know you were signing up to have ... Read More

of weddings & goodbyes


Weddings make me cry. So do goodbyes. But goodbyes at weddings? They really make me cry. I made it through my own wedding day with a big smile and dry eyes. Except for that moment my childhood and forever friend, my guestbook attendant, came up to hug me right before the ceremony started. And when my little sister came out into the fellowship hall and I saw her red eyes, the first evidence I’d seen of the tears she’d shed our entire ceremony. But when it came time for the goodbyes and my big strong brother broke down as he hugged me? Then I really lost it. The antics ... Read More

Valentines & Trust

Dearest, A few moments of reflection, and I’m right back there…six years ago.  Valentine’s Day landed on a Tuesday then, too.  And I’d just finally—on February 9, to be exact—used my free ticket voucher to get a ticket to come see you. I was arriving the day before Valentine’s Day.  And we were both learning a lot about faith and trust in two different ways. You weren’t just my boyfriend; you were (and are!) my best friend.  I trusted you implicitly.  And we were both trusting the Lord with our futures, with each other.  But having the faith for things hoped ... Read More