WordPress RSS Feeds: Summary vs. Full Text or Custom?

What's the best option for WordPress RSS Feeds? Find out the pros and cons of summary, full text, and custom RSS feeds.

I've been in a quandary about partial feeds versus full feeds ever since I knew what an RSS feed was. As a reader, I liked the ability to consume an entire post from within my feed reader or email inbox, especially when I didn't have an internet connection at home. But as a blogger, I wanted to get readers to my site, where they could comment on posts, and of course, click on affiliate links and generate ad impressions. But wait, what is the difference, you ask? WordPress offers two default options for displaying your RSS feed: summary or full text. Summary RSS Feed The default ... Read More

How to Find and Listen to Audiobooks

Here are our favorite audiobook resources, and simple directions for downloading and listening to them.

I love to read. But these days, I find myself with less time to bury my nose in a book. My days are filled with tasks that keep my hands and my eyes busy, leaving my ears and often my mind in need of employment. And in those moments, I turn to podcasts or audiobooks. I'm not the only member of the family who likes audiobooks, however. My husband and I often find ourselves listening to a classic book as we put our feet up for the evening. And my children absolutely thrive on the stories they hear, listening to them over and over and over again. I find myself raving to my friends about ... Read More

Plugmatter Optin Feature Box: a plugin review

Want to increase your opt in rates? Check out Pugmatter's Optin Feature Box.

Having trouble growing your email list? Header bars not catching your visitors’ attention? Feature Box from Plugmatter might be just the ticket to obtaining those opt ins that keep your readers coming back for more. I’m no coding guru like our friend Gretchen, so I needed something that would be user friendly. There's nothing worse than taking my precious writing time by spending frustrating hours working on backend details. So when Gretchen gave me the opportunity to review the Feature Box plugin from Plugmatter, I jumped at the chance. Here is why I really like Plugmatter's Feature Box ... Read More

Top 10 Places On Your Blog to Convert Visitors to Subscribers

Want to convert more of your visitors to actual subscribers? Find out the top 10 places on your blog to place subscription forms--and the best methods and plugins to use!

Converting readers to subscribers isn't always easy. If content is king, then having a fabulous freebie to offer your email subscribers is surely the queen. But what you really need is a court jester or two dancing around on your blog, inviting your visitors to subscribe. Preferably, you'd name them Jester A and Jester B and do some A/B split testing to see which subscription form converts more readily! There are a lot of options when it comes to when, where, and how to add a form inviting readers to opt in and become active subscribers. Here are the top ten locations to put an opt in ... Read More

10 Practical Ways to Encourage Comments and Conversation on Your WordPress Blog

Want to encourage commenting on your blog posts? Check out these 10 super practical ways to streamline your comment section so it's easy to comment.

It's all fine and good to declare blog commenting alive and well. But how can we give the comment section on our own blog a shot in the arm? We've heard the usual suggestions time and time again: write good content, ask questions, be real, be controversial, be sure to reply to their comments, as well as comment around the web. But no amount of tricks will have the desired effect if we overlook the number one strategy for attracting comments: make it easy to comment. Have you ever logged out of your blog's dashboard and viewed your site through the eyes of a first-time visitor? Have you ... Read More

5 Reasons to Keep Comments on Your Blog

Although killing comments may be all the rage this season, here are 5 reasons you may want to not want to join the trend.

There’s a tidal wave sweeping the blogosphere: bloggers everywhere are removing the comment feature from their blogs. They say that replying to the comments is no longer scale-able, it takes too much time to moderate spam, and the conversation is taking place elsewhere. Whatever the reasons stated, the fact is: comments are down, and many bloggers are willing to help them die. But not all bloggers have given up on comments. In fact, some view the slower stream of comments as indicating more quality conversation, rather than just looking at the changing quantity. Many bloggers are ignoring ... Read More

nRelate Related Posts Plugin Alternatives for WordPress

Wondering what to use for a related posts plugin now that #nRelate is gone? Here are reviews of the top alternatives!

 by Gretchen Louise with Kelly Kathleen Many WordPress bloggers ran their plugin updates in early December to see a notice announcing the discontinuation of their favorite suite of related posts plugins: nRelate Related Content, nRelate Most Popular, and nRelate Flyout. We had until 5pm EST on December 31, 2014 before the nRelate plugins and service stopped working, according to the nRelate blog. Which left us searching our favorite WordPress sites and asking our mastermind group members: What related post plugin shall I use now? In my search for a new related post plugin, I decided that ... Read More

How to Give a Free Download to Your MailChimp Email Subscribers

Want to give a freebie to your MailChimp Subscribers? It's easy to add a download and it doesn't require a paid MailChimp account!

The most popular email list building advice is to entice potential subscribers with a free download. But once you've figured out what your freebie is going to be and have your PDF all ready, you're stuck trying to figure out where to upload and link your file so that your subscribers will get it automatically (and no one else will be able to find it without subscribing). Worse still, when you start reading about MailChimp's options, it begins to sound like you need an autoresponder or drip campaign to send out a freebie--and those are paid features. (Not sure what a drip campaign is? Check out ... Read More

Understanding ShareASale Affiliate Links

How to Use and Understand ShareASale Affiliate Links

When you first get started in affiliate marketing, you're hit by a barrage of information that makes little or no sense, especially if you aren't the blogger type. What are cookies? How do affiliate links work? Which link do I use? How can I include an image? What's a disclosure? Well, I'll start with a disclosure. This post on using affiliate links contains affiliate links. Each time I link to a site below, I have used the opportunity to include my own affiliate links. This means that--at no extra cost to you--I can make a commission on a purchase you make--or if you sign up as an ... Read More

How to Make Gmail Work for You

How to Make Gmail Work for You

Gmail is the email app and address of choice for many. Whether you use a free @gmail.com email address, or pay to use Google Apps with your @yourdomain.com address, Gmail provides powerful features that are unrivaled among other email providers. But most Gmail users only scratch the surface of the options available to them within the Gmail settings and labs. Here are my top tips, tricks, and hacks to make Gmail work for you. Click to Tweet: Use Gmail? Here are the top tips, tricks, and hacks to make Gmail work for you. Top Tips, Tricks, & Hacks for Gmail Understanding Gmail ... Read More