laundry routines

Monday towel

If you wash on Monday, you have all the week to dry… If you wash on Tuesday, you’re still not much awry… If you wash on Friday, you wash in real need… If you wash on Saturday, you are slovenly indeed. -an early 1900’s skip-rope rhyme quoted in The Clothesline by Irene Rawlings and Andrea VanSteenhouse When I was first wed, I did laundry on Mondays.  It was our day “off”, my day for projects around the house, and the only day I’d be home long enough to get everything washed, folded, and dried. But then three babies came along in rapid succession.  With dozens upon dozens of tiny items ... Read More

Christmas Aprons

Dear Grama, You always find the perfect gifts to welcome in each season of the year, be it Easter or Autumn or Christmas.  And it was no exception when we saw you earlier this month.  You know how we girls love our aprons.  And you found the most adorable Christmas aprons for all three of us—not to mention hot pad holders and a tablecloth to match, along with cookie cutters and recipe books in case we lacked inspiration! We posed for a quick picture with you before you left.  But I wish you could have seen the girls baking cookies with Aunt Jess before the day was ... Read More

dressed to my apron

The FlyLady says to get dressed to your lace-up shoes when you start your day. Others like to step into their pumps to stop the frumps. Me? I’d be a barefoot-in-the-kitchen kind of girl—except for our concrete floor. I’d be a wear-my-comfy-foot-shaped-Keens-for-housework-each-day kind of girl—except that I like to be able to easily slip into an outside pair of shoes to run to the herb garden or the freezer or the shed. I’d be a wear-my-Romeo-shoes-around-the-house-so-I-can-easily-slip-in-and-out-of-them kind of girl—except that my heels blister way too easily. So I’m a ... Read More

I Love My Aprons

I’m so glad you dropped by my kitchen! Let’s pour a cup of tea and swap apron stories for a bit, shall we? I’ll cut a slice of homemade bread and get out the raspberry freezer jam. And then, if dinner-time’s a-comin’, I’ll tie on an apron and you can keep me company while I cook. Sound good? ~Gret “Don’t take off your apron, whatever you do, it’s peculiarly becoming.” -Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, page 204 ... Read More

Your Aprons


“Felicity…was very nicely dressed in a pink print and a frilled muslin apron.” -The Story Girl by L.M. Montgomery, page 13 “An angular woman panoplied in a white apron so stiffly starched that it could easily have stood alone…” -Emily Climbs by L.M. Montgomery “…slipped into the blue calico dress and tied on the crisply ruffled, pink apron.” -These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder, page 384 Big aprons.  Little aprons.  Floral print aprons.  Striped canvas aprons.  Our aprons are as varied as we are. And the stories behind them are even more numerous than the aprons ... Read More

Vintage Aprons

“She was wearing high-heeled shoes with a little white apron over a pink calico dress, and carrying a big plate of steaming flapjacks. Every move she made was quick and perky, like a sparrow’s.” -The Home Ranch by Ralph Moody, page 31 Hair ribbons.  Aprons.  They lend beauty to the ordinary, everyday tasks of dishes and dusting.  They make it easier to have a spring in my step as I go about the same housewifely rituals I know must-needs be done again tomorrow.  There’s something about these little touches of femininity that make me feel like I’ve stepped out of Little Women or Little House ... Read More

Little Aprons

“She had a big white apron tied way up under her armpits, and was bustling around the kitchen…” –of Muriel in Mary, Emma, and Company by Ralph Moody, page 122 Over-mixed cakes.  Cookies that taste like a bit too much something was added.  Licking the vanilla spoon.  Sampling the dough with no thought of raw eggs.  Little floury hand-prints everywhere. Little helpers in little aprons.  They make cooking a joyful mess! ... Read More

Practical Aprons

The thing I love about aprons is that they are so practical.  I mean, what is an apron for, but to get soiled—and in so doing protect what you’re wearing underneath? “Go and make yourself tidy. Your hands are dirty, your apron soiled, and your hair looks as if it hadn’t been combed for a week.” -Grandmother Elsie by Martha Finley, page 134 Of course, I’m much better about remembering to wear one when I have a pregnant belly to cover up.  Something about that extra bit sticking out there—it gets covered with everything I’m baking or eating!  In fact, I often wonder why I wear an apron to ... Read More

Aprons and Uff-da Days (guest post)

by Lisa Marie At last, my long searching has come to an end and I have found the answer to my lifelong question. The mystery is revealed, and the case is closed. Why do some women love to cook? Because behind their skill deciphering a recipe and prowess with a mixer is the hidden secret of their talent: a darling apron. All right, perhaps that's not the only reason... Maybe my mother cooked even before we gave her this darling apron  for Christmas. It could be that she has cooked for our family for twenty-two years simply because she desires to serve God in her home. That could be why ... Read More

Kiss the Cook


“I thought you hated to be tied to a woman’s apron-string,” retorted Jo, quoting certain rebellious words of his own. “Ah! that depends on who wears the apron,” and Laurie gave an audacious tweak at the tassel.” -Good Wives, by Louisa May Alcott, page 85 Once upon a time, when my parents were engaged, my mom’s godmother gave her a kitchen set with a matching hat, washcloth, and towel that said “Kiss the Cook.” I grew up looking at the pictures of my parents in their first little home (a trailer decked out in all those 70’s colors), my daddy wearing the hat as he prepared their first ... Read More